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Posted on 06-16-2016

Top 5 All-Natural Allergy Remedies

Sneezing from allergies in Colorado SpringsSneezing. Sniffling. Itchy eyes. Sinus pressure.

Allergies can really suck.

Millions of Americans suffer from outdoor allergies every now and then, sure, but unfortunately for us Colorado Springs allergies are reported to be the 2nd worst in all of the United States

Colorado Springs has some of the best outdoors activities in the country, and I'm not wasting the few months of perfect weather indoors hiding from allergies!

So what are we to do? Well, we must learn to manage our allergies when they come knocking at our door.

But as uncomfortable as these allergic reactions may be, running to the drugstore for drugs every time you sneeze or sniffle can get pretty unhealthy. You don't want to ruin your health in the process, do you?

There's good news. Combating your allergies naturally can be quite effective and it'll will improve your overall health in the process. Thats a win-win!

So let’s take a look at the 5 best ways to beat Colorado Springs allergies naturally, so you can enjoy the seasons without fear.

1. Lock the outdoors outside

Allergens make their way into your home throughout the day, so it's best to try and keep them out. This may sound unrealistic but it’s doable.

Check the sealing around your doors and windows. Holes and cracks allow pollen and fungus to enter your home, in addition to cold air in the winter!

Many plants release their pollens and spores in the early morning, when you’re still sawing logs. Blocking the passages that allows air in at night will keep those nasty allergens out. This is especially important for people who wake up with allergies.

There are several local shops that can check your windows for you. Try out The Glass Guru or City Glass Company.

2. Stock up on natural oils

Essential oils are incredible in dealing with allergies Colorado Springs attract due to their antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory property. They help fight allergens without complicating our health further, which drugs cannot claimYou should have a variety in your home since they are natural expectorants and decongestants. Plus they smell great!

Perfect examples of effective natural oils are Eucalyptus oil, peppermint, and jasmine. Essential oils have menthol like aromas that are good in dealing with respiratory related allergies such as sinus, sneezing and running nose. Using them is like having a nice candle burning around the clock, but without the smoke or risk of fire.

Stop by Debbi’s Aromatherapy shop off Constitution Ave to learn more. Ask which oils would be best for you.

3. Eat local honey

Honey is a good home remedy for combating allergies, such as birch pollen allergy and asthma.

Local honey is made by (you guessed it) local bees. The bees make their honey from plants found in and around Colorado Springs, which contain pollens from the plants that cause you so much discomfort. Sounds like the last thing you want, right?

Consuming a spoonful of local honey everyday actually boosts your immunity to those allergies. Your body builds up a resistance from the regular exposure to the naturally processed allergens. It’s like a 100% all-natural vaccination - and also delicious!

While you can certainly eat your honey straight from the spoon, we suggest adding it to some herbal tea for an extra dose of anti-oxidants.

Try honey from Schmidt Apiaries or The Honey Cottage, both located here in the Springs.

4. Eat healthy foods

Allergies occur when your body cells produce histamine. These histamines make your body sensitive to multiple allergens that cause different allergic reactions.

The food you eat plays a significant role in enhancing your immune system. That's important since weakened immunity makes you vulnerable to bacterial and viral infections too.

Keep your immune system running strong by feeding on foods rich in nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are used by your cells to function optimally. If we don't get enough nutrients from foods, our cells don't work well.

You may be tempted to take a multivitamin instead of eating healthy foods. Unfortunately, the nutrients in most supplements aren't absorbed by the body very well. We actually don't get nearly as many vitamins and minerals  as the label has you believe.

Instead, eat lots of vegetables. Eat nuts and seeds. Eat healthy meats. Buy local. Buy organic. Avoid pesticides and foods grown with hormones. And don’t just eat these foods occasionally – feast on them daily!

Save money by buying in bulk. Costco has started carrying more and more organic produce, which can help. There are also many local co-ops that provide local produce for pick-up or delivery. Here’s a list of several Colorado Springs co-ops.

5. Maintain a healthy spine

Okay, so we’re a bit biased on this one, but for good reason!

Keeping a healthy spine allows your body to function better, which will boosts your immune system (and everything else too). Your brain functions better, your organs work better, and your cells heal faster. Regular adjustment can have a big impact on your health.

We’re obviously huge fans of chiropractic, so we won’t to beat this one to death. We’ll just leave it at that!

Don’t let allergies win

Allergies in Colorado Springs can get pretty bad, but there are totally natural ways to fight back.

The tips mentioned above boost your immune system and acclimate your body to the allergens that cause you distress. Work these into your life and you’ll see fewer and less frequent allergy symptoms.

Get started today! The best part about these tips is that you’ll see benefits in other areas of your health too, so there’s plenty of good reasons to start right away!

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Written by Brenton James Mercer. Brent is a writer, traveler, and creative tinkerer. He maintains a personal blog (poorly) from Colorado Springs, Thailand, or somewhere in between.
Balance Wellness and Chiropractic Center. All rights reserved 2016.

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