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Training Videos

The following videos can help you improve and protect your health.

The Cross Crawl

This exercise will improve your left/right brain functionality.

Balance Disc

This exercise will improve your balance.

Neck, Shoulder, and Trap Exercise

This will loosen the muscles in your neck to improve your posture and prevent neck pain.

The Life Pump

This exercise increases circulation of your cerebral spinal fluid from your brain to your low back.

"Peanut" Exercise, Pt.1 - Making a "Peanut"

Learn how to make a 'peanut' which is a tool to help stretch your back muscles.

"Peanut" Exercise, Pt.2 - The "Peanut" Spinal Stretch

Learn to use a 'peanut' to stretch the muscles along your spine.

THIS ---->https://balancecolorado.chiromatrixbase.com/community-support/training.html

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