Autism And Nutrition

Continuing the conversation regarding Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), this week let’s focus on nutritive ideas to benefit this amazing population of people.

Gluten, Dairy, Corn and Soy

In recent years, the GUT BRAIN AXIS is something that the literature has focused on in a BIG way. The mounting articles, journals and research papers are finding that for proper brain function, we must have proper gut function. This research is important because it demonstrates how our GUT INFLUENCES OUR BRAIN. Function for the gut comes in to play with adequate nutrition. In other words, garbage IN = garbage OUT.

Our recommendation for people with ASD is to adopt a diet containing a reduction in gluten, dairy, corn and soy from the diets of people. By eliminating these inflammatory foods, this will also reduce their exposure to toxic chemicals that wreak havoc on our gut function and prohibit effective brain body communication:

  1. Abnormally strong pesticides
  2. Genetically modified food materials

When looking at the effects of gluten, dairy, corn and soy, we have to look at the farming processes of gluten, dairy, corn and soy. Since around 1985, the growing of large-scale government subsidized crops has wildly changed. Due to the creation of stronger glyphosate based chemicals to combat against bugs and insects, many food sources including wheat, soy, corn and dairy have been modified to become more resilient to these highly toxic chemicals.


With all our newly developed knowledge on the gut- brain-axis, it was only a matter of time before scientists became interested in the effects that these new (and abundantly used) pesticides can have on the gut-brain- axis. One of the most important components of our stomach and gut-brain-axis function is something called the “Flora.” Believe it or not, we actually have more cells in our gut flora, than total cells that we have in our entire body! Our gut flora is essential bacteria that aims to break down food and (as we are now learning) communicate critical information back to the brain! The damage becomes present when looking at the effects of glyphosate products on our natural gut flora as it literally kills off our normal bacteria therefore DESTROYING OUR GUT FLORA. Essentially – no or low-quality gut flora = decreased communication between the brain and body.

Since the modified food materials are genetically abnormal from that which our bodies are accustom to, and the modified foods require pesticides that have become infinitely more potent since the early 1980’s, reducing your intake is crucial. By adopting a diet with less inflammatory foods containing toxic gut-destroying chemicals, the better and more robust the signals from the brain to the body (and vice versa!) will be.

Obviously, we don’t believe nutrition is the causative factor for autism. However, what we do know is that food fuels our body and brain. For optimal brain and body function, we must have optimal fuel.

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