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Non-Traditional Chiropractic Helping Migraine and Headache Patients in Colorado Springs

Migraine Headaches are one of the most common conditions people visit a doctor for. They are characterized by head and face pain, light and sound sensitivity, nausea, dizziness, and neck pain. This condition can affect people of all ages and can be detrimental to ones quality of life, affecting the ability to work, go to school, drive, and enjoy hobbies and activities.

Balance Chiropractic is passionate about providing a natural, gentle (no popping, twisting or cracking) solution to patients diagnosed with Migraines and Headaches.

Our doctors have extensive training and experience in the cranio-cervical junction (upper neck). Injuries and abnormal repetitive use in this part of the spine can leave behind a foundational shift that is often the underlying cause for Migraine Headaches.

By using state-of-the-art technology, Balance Chiropractic locates the source of the migraines, and creates a customized Foundational Correction plan tailored to each individual’s needs to restore the alignment of the head and neck, remove pressure to the spinal cord and nerves, and restore blood circulation through the brain. This focus has allowed us to successfully help those suffering from migraine headaches where traditional forms of treatment like medications and surgery may not.

Many of our patients have recommended that others, “reconsider migraine headache injections or surgeries without first consulting with Balance Chiropractic.” At Balance, a consultation is a conversation, not a commitment.

“I've been going to Balance Chiropractic for a few months now and I can't even begin to tell you how amazing this experience has been! A little backstory, I have scoliosis and got a spinal fusion for it back when I was a teenager. So I was a little concerned that I couldn't be helped by chiropractic care anymore, but I was encouraged to come in any way. I can tell you confidently that I am feeling sooo much better! Physically I have less neck and should strain/pain. I also have little to no headaches anymore. I've also noticed a huge improvement in my asthma and allergies!“

Tiffany C
Our unconventional approach for patients with migraine headaches involves an objective, measurable and reproducible system to restore proper blood flow, and neurological ( electrical ) connection between the brain and the body.
Migraine Headaches may result in:
  • dizziness
  • spinal pain
  • nausea
  • numbness and tingling
  • facial pain
  • insomnia
  • chronic fatigue

headache diagram

Balance Chiropractic offers individualized correction plans, based off of our four objective indicators and their degree of severity. This process uncovers whether or not a patient is a candidate for this form of care AND acts as a baseline for measurable progress over time. It allows our patients to see and feel the difference.

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