Month, you might already understand that MS is an autoimmune disease that has its main repercussions on the Central Nervous System (CNS) which can affect anything that the CNS controls. This week our focus is on the nutritional proponents that may be most beneficial for MS or people who think they may be at risk for MS.

What to Avoid

Since Multiple Sclerosis has been deemed an autoimmune disease, it only makes sense to stay away from things that may provoke an immune/inflammatory response! Common inflammatory foods include dairy, soy, wheat/gluten, nightshades and peanuts. We are not saying that all of these are bad for everyone, but the vast majority of people with inflammatory conditions or autoimmune diseases generally do better without these groups of food. Staying away from added sugars, enriched products and genetically modified foods should also be on the list.

What to Focus on

If you only read one more sentence from this article let it be the forthcoming. Our biggest recommendation for the MS/autoimmune population is to eat UNPROCESSED foods. The fewer steps that it takes to get from the farm/field to your dinner plate the better. This means fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and minimally processed meats/proteins. When choosing healthy foods, it is also important to consider the growing processes, too … eating locally grown/raised, organic and GMO free is highly recommended.


Several popular articles on the internet suggest eating diets low in fat. Our recommendation is the exact opposite and here is why; Since MS attacks the brain and spinal cord (CNS), we recommend foods that highly support the brain and spinal cord… Wouldn’t you know it?! The brain and spinal cord are MOSTLY made up of fats and cholesterol!

Obviously, nutrition can play a huge part in helping patients with Multiple Sclerosis, however for diseases such as this, a multidisciplinary approach is often best. Proper nutrition, stress reduction, exercise and of course an unobstructed nervous system are key for proper healing!

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