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Can Structure Really Help (Or Hurt) Breathing?

Breathing may not seem like something that can help or hinder function within your body…But it is.

When done properly,not only does it facilitate healing in the body, but it also promotes the fullest expression of self.

An exchange of air between your lungs and the outside world facilitates oxygenation of blood which is REQUIRED for each and every cell within your body to function. Breathing can affect everything from mood, cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, sleep quality, heart rate, nervous system activity and even pain modulation.

To talk about proper breathing, we must first understand the wrong way to breathe. For many reasons today people live self consciously, which is often focused around body image. The image of keeping our stomach slim and tight, while breathing with our chest has become a default for how people breathe today. This causes two problems; first, you do not allow the key breathing muscle (the diaphragm) to do its job, and second, smaller, weaker muscles of the neck and shoulders become overworked. If these smaller muscles become constantly fatigued, the incidence of neck pain, discomfort, loss of motion and headaches skyrocket.

The solution may be simple, remind yourself to breathe deeply and slowly WITH YOUR STOMACH moving throughout each and every breath. If you can’t accomplish this with practice, then an underlying instability may be present. When the foundation of your body (your spine) shifts, it can place abnormal pressure on the neurological areas associated with breathing… Therefore making it nearly impossible to breathe properly.

This is where we come in…

At Balance Chiropractic, we see many secondary conditions (symptoms) associated with a primary Foundational Shift of the spine. Instead of guessing, we utilize 4 objective indicators to locate and correct your unique shift without ever popping, cracking or twisting the spine.

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