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Guillian Barre Syndrome Colorado Springs

Have you ever had a muscle spasm? Can you imagine noticing a small spasm one day that starts in your arm or leg but over weeks and months becomes more pronounced, longer lasting, the spasms start to take over both arms and legs and eventually advances to the internal musculature of your body such as your lungs?

Muscle spasm, weakness and pain are some of the hallmark signs of Guillain Barre syndrome in Colorado Springs. Eventually something called heterotrophic ossification (abnormal growth of bone in non- skeletal areas) may also happen.

Even though Guillain Barre patients complain mostly of muscular dysfunction, can you believe that GB is actually an autoimmune disease that specifically attacks the nervous system? Much like a diabetic neuropathy or ALS, the neurological deficit of GB starts in the hands/feet or arms/legs. These areas may often be “attacked” first because the are the furthest from the “power supply” (brain).

Example: You’re watering your luscious grassy yard which happens to be on a very large hill. The unfortunate part about your watering (energy) system is that it can only spray water from the very top of the hill. Over time you notice that the grass at the bottom of the hill is turning brown and dying. The problem is that the grass closest to the water source are using the water, which is leaves grass on the bottom of the hill little to no water for survival! What would you do in this situation? Add more fertilizer or bug repellent (medication) on the lower grass? Well, if there’s a need for fertilizer or bug repellent, than of course that’s a good idea, however, most logical people would first figure out how to get more water (energy) to the lower grass!

Our Nerve System works in a similar way. If there’s not enough electrical energy from the power source (brain), the body parts furthest away may eventually not have enough power to function properly.

TBI’s, Auto Immune Disease, and Guillain Barre in Colorado Springs

Although it doesn’t equal causation, there is a correlation between Traumatic Brain Injuries and Auto Immune Diseases [1,2,3,4]. Our current understanding is that the TBI may damage the anterior pituitary resulting in abnormal signals being sent to important tissues including thyroid, bones, adrenal glands, liver and gonads.

When examining patients with GB, there may also be a correlation to traumatic brain injures (TBIs) [5,6,7,8,9,10,11]. Guillain Barre is an incredibly rare disease, because of it’s rarity, there’s a smaller sample size of patients for clinical studies. Most of the research cited is in a case study format.

Obviously a TBI may decrease the functionality of the brain. Just like every other bodily organ, the brain needs an energy supply of its own. This energy comes in the form of blood, oxygen, and carbohydrates. The brain receives all these energy forms through arteries in the neck. One of the most interesting facts about TBI’s, is that one requires approximately 80-110 G forces to the skull… even more interesting, is that it takes somewhere between 8-11 G forces to cause an upper neck injury!

Rather than focusing on the secondary conditions (symptoms) associated with TBI’s, Guillain Barre, or any other traumatic or degenerative disease, Balance Chiropractic aims to help our patients at the source. We focus exclusively at correcting the brain-body connection and do so without ever popping twisting or cracking. We use 4 objective measurements that all have a range of normal and abnormal to first see if you are a candidate for Foundational Correction, and to track your personal progress!

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