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What is Dysautonomia?

Multiple Sclerosis

Happy Dysautonomia month! Not really... Dysautonomia is a disease that has become so prevalent that according to , there is a whole month dedicated to it. For those that haven't heard of this detrimental disease, it appears to be quite common. According to the Cleveland Clinic, Dysautonomia is a disease where the Autonomic Nervous System (portion of nervous system that works “automatically”) is either overactive or underactive.

The Autonomic Nervous System is involved with everything from heart rhythm/rate, blood pressure response, lung and bronchiole function, food digestion/absorption, to sweat glands secreting moisture and more! Often when someone is being treated for Dysautonomia, the focus is on the individual symptoms (or as we like to call them “Secondary Conditions”). Most physicians do a very good job of recommending the proper beta blocker, blood pressure medication, or bronchiole dilator to increase the function of that given system... At Balance Chiropractic our approach is completely different. Let’s take a look at the body’s basic anatomy and physiology to understand why.

If we asked you, “What does the brain control?” your answer of “EVERYTHING,” is completely correct, but WHY? At Balance Chiropractic we consider your brain as the main battery for everything that the body does. Wires from the brain travel thru the skull, into the spine, and even smaller wires pop out between each set of spinal bones. Each of these smaller wires also known as nerves, electrically communicate to EVERY organ and muscle tissue of the entire body.

One of the most important wires of the human body is called the Vagus Nerve. The Vagus Nerve is so important because it is involved with telling the body systems to react in one of two ways: 1) like a lion is chasing them (engaging the sympathetic nervous system) or 2) like you’re lying on the beach drinking mimosas without a care in the world (engaging the parasympathetic nervous system). When we look at the body systems the Vagus nerve communicates with, and the body systems that dysautonomia affects... THERE IS AN UNDENIABLE CORRELATION... Heart, Lungs, Blood Pressure Systems, Digestion, Skin and Brain Functions are all systems that become dysfunctional!

Now, do you understand the SIGNIFICANCE of the Vagus nerve?

The Vagus Nerve passes through the base of the skull and the upmost bone of the neck AKA your body’s FOUNDATION. When the Foundation of your body shifts, it’s like functioning with a flipped circuit breaker which causes the electrical wires going throughout the body to stop working properly and efficiently.

At Balance Chiropractic, we use 4 objective indicators to locate Foundational Shifts and to measure the correctional process throughout care. How well are your wires connected?

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