Quality Is Never Free

No different from the medical profession, there are areas of concentration in which doctors take an interest. Anyone can easily understand that someone who focuses on neurosurgery spent a lot more time focusing on their skills than your conventional medical doctor.

Conventional chiropractors typically enjoy drawing new patients in by dangling a carrot. What’s a carrot? In simple terms, it’s a generous incentive. For example, it’s not uncommon to receive an electronic coupon in your email offering you a chiropractic examination, massage and a few adjustments for the low, low price of FREE.

Most people see an adjustment as a “crack” of the back. I would ask you to take caution and rethink that perspective. The fact of the matter is that your spine protects your body’s nervous system. Just as there’s a big difference between operating on someone with an axe and a scalpel, likewise, there is a difference between a chiropractic manipulation delivered by a conventional chiropractor and a precise and highly specific chiropractic adjustment delivered by a Foundational Doctor of Chiropractic.

Furthermore, you should ask yourself the obvious question: Why is this chiropractor offering these services for free? The quick answer might be “To attract new patients.” The bigger question should be, “How will this chiropractor make money?” If you’ve ever received an offer in the mail for a free 7-day vacation to a Caribbean destination, then you immediately knew that they were going to try to sell you on a time-share. So the question in the case of the chiropractor offering you hundreds of dollars of services for absolutely nothing is, “What is going to be the hard sell?”

In more cases than not, we end up fixing the mistakes caused by the discount chiropractor. The better approach to your structural spinal health is to find someone who respects his or services by charging a value-based fee. As tempting as the discount chiropractor’s offer might be, always remember that quality is never free.


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