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This month, we would like to highlight our VIP affiliate Luna Float Spa! If you have never experienced floating it is something your mind, body and spirit need you to check out!

After their first floats in 2012, Morgan and his wife Ana-Alycia were immediately hooked and wanted to share the healing experience with others. Three years later in 2015, their dream came to fruition with the grand opening of Luna Float Spa, Colorado Spring’s premier Float Spa! Floating is an experience where you enter a float tank (also called a sensory deprivation tank or isolation tank), which is a well-engineered tub filled with 10 inches of water and 800-1,000 pounds of Epsom salts. The tank is insulated to reduce light and sound, while simultaneously keeping the water heated to your skin temperature. When the water settles, you remain relaxed and still, allowing your body to float effortlessly while reducing stress and tension. Floating is commonly referred to as the art of doing nothing. When you float, you are able to escape to a place free from stressful external stimuli. We all know the symptoms of stress: chronic fatigue, trouble sleeping and anxiety, to name a few. Medical science is becoming increasingly aware of the negative physical effects that stress can have on our bodies. Although we can’t eliminate stress entirely, we can greatly reduce it — through floating. In an environment where the threat of stress is minimal, your body slows down, and your body chemistry is able to reset. Proven through scientific research, floating works to reduce stress in many ways:

1) Floating alleviates the daily effects of gravity. Gravity puts a major strain on the Central Nervous System. Those effects are then translated as the many aches and pains we commonly feel. When you float, you are in a zero gravity-like environment and your body is relieved of the effects of gravity, finally giving your body the rest it needs.

2) Floating positively supports the brain by giving you a real vacation from everyday worries and concerns, inducing a meditative state that continues to generate relaxed energy even after you’ve left the tank and returned to your daily life.

3) Floating increases oxygen and endorphins, helps muscles recover more quickly, helps you get a better night’s sleep, and much more.

Check them out for your $30 First Time Float Session! 202 E. Cheyenne Mountain Boulevard Colorado Springs, CO 80906 (719) 309-6776 or Visit their Website:

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