Stress & Immunity Part 2

Our last Colorado Springs Chiropractor update included the EMOTIONAL or mental form of stress and how that impacts your immune system. Today I want to share some insight on the second form of stress – Toxins – or chemical stress.

When you peak on social media or just walk through the grocery store what you’ll likely see is the shelves that are empty are the ones with pre-packaged foods, sugary snacks, canned and processed foods. These are the foods many are stocking up on during a time where we need our immune system functioning at 100%. And, it makes me a little confused because…this is not a natural disaster…or a weather storm that’s going to wipe out power or ability to cook food in your home….this is an infectious disease. Lets dive into the trouble we get into with these easily accessible and non-expiring foods.

Chemical stress comes in various form – from foods, water, medication, cleaning supplies, and the environment to name a few. The MAJORITY of chemical stress that may or may not be introduced to the body is going to come from what we eat and drink

Study after study has shown for many years that foods that are high in sugar, high in trans fat or hydrogenation like vegetable oils and margarines, preservatives, additives, and artificial sweeteners negatively impact the function of our immune system.

Our Colorado Springs Chiropractors teach patients that these foods increase the insulin response in our body. In short term this is okay for the immune system. But with too much of these foods and prolonged insulin production over time – it reduces the ability for immune cells like white blood cells and lymphocyte to reduce inflammation through-out the body. Chronic inflammation reduces the body’s innate ability to fight off infection.

Foods that are high in additives, preservatives, and artificial sweeteners like soda, twinkies, microwavables, and Splenda are known to be neurotoxic. These foods cause damage to the gut microbiome and the brain. The connection between healthy gut bacteria and the brain creates a supersystem that is involves with a massive portion of your immune system capabilities known as the gut-brain axis.

When our gut is not healthy – our brain is not healthy – and this has also been linked to chronic diseases and even psychological disorders like depression and anxiety.

To reduce the chemical load on our bodies so we can maximize our immune function we should focus on consuming whole organic foods and nutrients that support a healthier insulin response, that are high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and that support a healthy gut and brain.

Food that help us achieve this are colorful cruciferous vegetables. Always aim to have the color green or orange on your plate for every meal. Foods like broccoli, spinach, kale, zucchini, carrots, and sweet potatoes are great examples. These foods are high in phytonutrients like antioxidants.

Instead of vegetable oils and processed fat like trans-fat, cook with coconut oil and consume more avocados. These foods are high in MCT which promote healthier brain function, and as you all know, the BRAIN is the master controller for the immune system.

Add in foods that support healthy gut bacteria. These are fermented foods like sauerkraut, whole cottage cheese, sugar free Greek yogurt, and drinks like kombucha.

Remember, a healthy gut supports the super system the gut-brain axis, which makes up nearly 70% of your immune system collectively.

And finally, our Colorado Springs Chiropractors recommend drinking plenty of water. Optimal hydration helps reduce oxidative stress which is the harmful waste product cells give off that also contributes to inflammation and lowered immunity. I recommend drinking 4-8 12oz water flasks daily to help flush and eliminate excess toxins in the body. This frees up the immune system to focus on the serious invaders and fight them effectively.

THAT is a good place to start. Remember chemical stress is not much different than mental stress physiologically. If we can reduce the chemical or toxic load on the body, we can stay on the offense instead of the defense with a more optimized immune system.

A more optimized immunity means you are less suspectable to getting ill, and if we do contract a disease like covid19 or any other disease for that matter – we will be more resilient and able to recover effectively.

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