The Benefits Of Fiber

If you are serious about a healthy diet, losing weight and maintaining health, a great strategy is the reduction of calories, but is there more you can do?

Today, to talk about optimizing your weight loss goals, we will focus on a less famous compound which may soon become an advantageous part of your diet arsenal, it is called… Fiber. Besides allowing you to maintain regularity, Fiber has also been shown to create a thermogenic (aka heating) effect when consumed and broken down by the digestive tract.

Q: Why might thermogenesis be important for my weightloss goals?

A: Thermogenesis, as we have recently found, is the body’s number one means for burning calories, energy, and fat. If you increase the temperature of your body (up to a certain point) you will essentially increase the fat burning capabilities also. The reason Fiber is so great at increasing temperature is because of its indigestibility. Essentially your system works really hard to break it down (some types of Fiber are more digestible than others) but for the most part it can’t, which ends up spinning the digestive wheels so to speak.

If you have ever reached for a weightloss product from your local supplement store, the majority contain some selling point compound aimed to create a thermogenic effect. To save yourself money on expensive diet products, our typical recommendation here at Balance Chiropractic is to increase your Fiber to the daily recommended value (25g/day for females and 38g/day for males) and be mindful of the amount and type of calories you decide to consume.

Some foods naturally high in Fiber include vegetables, oats, whole grains, nuts, beans and certain fruits.

Many people are successful when it comes to consuming the proper amount of high quality foods, but somehow don’t complete their end goal of losing weight or feeling great. At Balance Chiropractic we never focus on weightloss as a goal for patients, however, it often becomes a result of our care…

If your body’s electrical system is not firing at 100% then you may be lacking one or more required processes of digestion. If the stomach doesn’t get the proper signal from your brain to create Hydrochloric acid, or the pancreas doesn’t receive an electrical pulse from the brain to release digestive enzymes, or if the small intestines doesn’t receive a similar signal from the brain telling it to soak up good nutrition from your food, then it is possible that a Foundational Shift of your spine has occurred not allowing the proper electrical currents to be sent towards these or other organ systems. It’s like trying to utilize a top of the line Vitamix to make a smoothie while being plugged into a power source fit for a magic bullet.  Digestion, amongst many other bodily functions, are reliant upon the brain’s ability to communicate with the body.  How well is your electrical system firing?

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