The Importance Of Our Foundation: By Michael Agyei, Intern

Going to a Chiropractor only for pain is like robbing a bank and only taking the fancy pens. With the vast amount of research coming out regarding the benefits of Chiropractic beyond pain relief, truly validate the aforementioned statement. At Balance Chiropractic, our focus is treatment of one’s foundation first, rather than pain. Back, neck, and other pains are usually secondary to one’s foundation being shifted.

With even a slight misalignment of the spine, the brain body connection can be negatively altered. A recent study from 2011 decided to investigate the proprioception of the upper limb of people who have a history of subclinical neck pain (with no pain present of the day of the study) versus those who have no history of neck pain complaints. None of the participants ever had treatment for neck related issues.

To summarize, the researchers had participants of both groups lying on their back and had them reproduce different angles with their elbows (that the researcher had placed it seconds before) with their eyes closed. These elbow joint angles were reproduced with the head of the participants in different positions (neutral, left rotation, flexion, and combined flexion and left rotation). Initially, the group who reported no history of subclinical neck pain, significantly, had less error reproducing target angles versus the subclinical group. After the initial test, the control group rested for five minutes before being tested again, and the experimental group received a cervical adjustment. After the experimental group received a cervical adjustment, the error of reproducing the elbow angles reduced significantly at the neutral and left rotation head positions (Haavik et al). The proprioception of the experimental group improved just after one cervical adjustment!

This study just shows only one of many brain body connections that can be improved with foundational chiropractic care. Enhancing proprioceptive properties can make a world of a difference for all people. Whether it is an athlete trying to enhance proprioception to reduce their risk of injury, or an elderly person wanting to improve their proprioception to reduce fall risk. The most interesting thing is anecdotally, and through research, proprioception is not the only thing to get enhanced after chiropractic adjustments. Overall, do not wait forever to get your neck checked, you do not know what connections you could be missing!

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