VIP Affiliate Of The Month – SHEATH UNDERWEAR

If you happen to be a male, and have ever hiked, biked, ran, or played sports in the summer time, you know that the undergarments you wear matter SIGNIFICANTLY. Sergeant Robert Patton, the CEO and founder of SHEATH underwear, experienced an uncomfortable scenario while protecting our country fighting in the Iraq war for 2 tours. The extremely hot days in the desert paired with intense combat activities and procedures, Robert and his cohort were left feeling quite uncomfortable and utterly dissatisfied with their choices in undergarments.

It was in these excruciating days of discomfort that Robert birthed the idea that is turning the male undergarment world inside out. According to him, the conventional male underwear does nothing in consideration of the male anatomy. The SHEATH difference comes into play with a patented dual-pouch for separating the male appendages from the rest of the body. With this patented dual-pouch separation there is a dramatic reduction in friction, sticking, and build-up of heat. Not to mention, this design also offers increased comfort levels!


The patented pouch is enough to differentiate his products from other undergarment products, but Robert didn’t stop there. All SHEATH underwear products are made from a fabric called Modal which is sustainably sourced from beach trees and has added moisture wicking effects. If you are a female and you’ve read this far, get excited – SHEATH also has a line of female underwear available! As a part of Balance Chiropractic’s VIP Affiliate program, SHEATH underwear generously offers 30% OFF for card carrying members. Simply enter the code “balance” at checkout.


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