What Is A Foundational Shift?

If the spine’s foundation is not within a normal range, you may experience one or more of the following secondary conditions (symptoms).

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The upper bones of the human spine (Atlas, Axis) function very similarly to the foundation of a house because:

  1. They support the weight of the human head
  2. They are designed to protect the brain stem (spino-medullary junction)

The brain controls every physiological function in the body. Communication through the brain stem is how the brain coordinates muscle function, organs, cells, tissues, and healing. It’s easy to understand how these segments in the neck act as the foundation to the rest of the human body. If this foundation shifts, an obstruction or interference in communication between the brain and body occurs which can compromise basic physiological functions in the body leading to common secondary conditions mentioned above.

Car accidents, concussions, sporting accidents, slip and falls, birth trauma, and poor posture are just a few of the many factors that can contribute to a foundational shift in the spine. Multiple minor, or seemingly negligible incidents in the past, can accumulate (like a cavity) causing the spine to shift outside of the normal range.

What should I know before my examination?

The new patient experience begins with a complimentary consultation. This is a no-obligation, in depth health interview to determine if you may be a good candidate for Foundational Correction. It’s a conversation, not a commitment.

If our doctors determine we can help you, we begin with a Comprehensive Foundational Examination which includes 4 objective measurements:

  • Multi-axial Foundational Analysis (MAFA – a bilateral weight measurement and full body structural analysis)
  • Digital Foundational Radiographs (Cone Beam imaging with NUCCA analysis)
  • Neuro-Foundational Thermography (detects nerve irritation)
  • Myo-Foundational Scan (detects muscular imbalance)

By using these measurements as a benchmark and through-out the correctional process, it allows us to deliver the most appropriate correction customized to your individual needs while also measuring progress on a regular basis.

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Setup your complimentary consultation today.
It's a conversation not a commitment.

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Setup your complimentary consultation today.
It's a conversation not a commitment.

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