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“Most people have no idea how GOOD their body is designed to feel.” – Kevin Trudeau

One thing is for certain: if you have a health condition, other things in life seem less important as long as you are in pain.

Searching for something that will actually help can become tiring. Maybe you’ve even tried a million things before, but your health condition persists. 

At Balance Chiropractic, we’ve heard stories like this countless times. Our Foundational Chiropractic makes us different, and we may be able to help. 

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The health conditions you typically think of a chiropractor for we’ve got covered: back pain, neck pain, joint pain… But, how we work in those conditions is different. This foundational difference means that we can help with so many more conditions.

Even better yet – our treatments are designed to last. We love our patients, but the goal is for you to not ever have to come back for adjustments once your treatment plan is completed.

Because NUCCA focuses on your body’s foundation, some of the health conditions that we may be able to help with you might find surprising. Please feel free to explore the health conditions linked on this page, their blogs, and success stories. 

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Health Conditions We Treat FAQ

At Balance Chiropractic, we focus on a non traditional approach to health called Foundational Correction. This means that the variety of health conditions we help people with may surprise you! For an idea, please refer to the list of health conditions higher up on this page. If you’re wondering if we can help you or someone you know, give us a call to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Traditional chiropractors often perform the same series of manipulations from patient to patient, however, at Balance Chiropractic our doctors only perform a specialized technique called Foundational Correction. We use 4 objective measurements to create a calculated and UNIQUE correction for people that qualify as patients in our office. 

Although Foundational Correction is incredibly gentle and involves ZERO popping, twisting or cracking, it is a technique aimed at correcting your entire spine – since the entire spine changes with a proper correction it is common for people to be sore when first starting care at Balance Chiropractic. 

At Balance Chiropractic we NEVER recommend a lifetime of chiropractic care. However, oftentimes our patients experience such life changing results that they choose to continue protecting the health changes they’ve achieved with Foundational Correction! Our goal for patients is for them to NOT NEED adjustments when they come in for regular checkups (getting adjusted every time you’re at a chiropractor is a lot like getting a cavity filled every time you go to the dentist – something is not working right!).

At Balance Chiropractic we never overstep our boundaries by dictating or prescribing medication schedules. However, we do have multiple testimonials from many of our patients reporting a reduction or elimination of medications!

Since most chiropractors pop, twist and crack your spine based on symptomatic complaints, there are many conditions for which people should avoid this type of treatment. Some of these conditions include but are not limited to osteoporosis/osteopenia/diseases with brittle bones that may fracture easily, patients with a high risk of stroke, bone tumors, bone fractures, systemic infections, along with dizziness/vertigo. Since Balance Chiropractic only focuses on the upper neck and never pops, twists or cracks the spine, the only patient condition that we have not seen some sort of success with both subjectively and objectively are patients with either congenital or acquired fusions between their skull (C0) and their atlas bone (C1). Please give us a call at (719)265-0115 if you have a concerning condition that you’d like to ask one of our doctors about!

Most traditional chiropractors in Colorado Springs are incredibly safe and good at what they do. Because of Balance Chiropractic’s unique focus, 4 objective measurements to measure whether or not someone is a good candidate, and an approach that never twists, pops or cracks the spine, we believe that our approach is one of the safest! 

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