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5 Indicators You May Need to Visit a Foundational Chiropractor in Colorado Springs

Every year, millions of people seek out chiropractic adjustments. Most chiropractors do a great job and aim to reduce short term aches and pains by popping, twisting and cracking the spine based off pain, range of motion and tight musculature. At Balance Chiropractic (Chiropractor in Colorado Springs), our goal is never to simply increase range motion or temporarily relieve pain. Our ONLY FOCUS is the reduction of Foundational Shifts in the spine. We do so without ever popping, twisting or cracking. Our alternative methods require 4 objective measurements to see whether or not you qualify as a candidate for our care in our office.

Briefly, we will shed light on how some of the most common symptoms (AKA secondary conditions) may be due to a Foundational Shift in the spine. Usually the decision to see a traditional chiropractor is obvious - for instance, waking up with a “crick in your neck” due to sleeping in an unusual way, or lifting something heavy with improper form. However, when traditional methods fail, there are several secondary conditions that often resolve after correcting one’s foundation.

5 most common secondary conditions that Foundational Correction has helped

Here are several Secondary Conditions that should provoke a consultation with a Foundational Chiropractor in Colorado Springs. They include:

Headaches can have many different causes. For headache and migraine sufferers that have ruled out hormonal imbalances, abnormal blood pressure, dehydration and high-altitude oxygen deprivation… A Foundational Shift may be present. If the spinal bones nearest the brain shift, it may place abnormal pressure on bundles of nerves that control sensations in the head and neck. In addition, Foundational Shifts may contribute to headaches and migraines due to blood flow and cerebrospinal fluid pressure build up within the skull. Correction of Foundational Shifts may allow the brain to drain therefore reducing pressure buildup and therefore reducing the secondary condition of headaches and migraines.

Did you know that dizziness, balance and vertigo issues may be a result of a Foundational Shift to the upper neck? Many patients undergo extensive testing of their visual, proprioceptive, and inner ear functions after experiencing prolonged outs of dizziness, balance and vertigo issues. When traditional treatments don’t get the desired results, Balance Chiropractic in Colorado Springs analyzes and corrects the upper neck (as needed) with extreme caution and precision due to the upper neck’s relationship with something called the “Vestibular Nuclei.” The vestibular nuclei is a bundle of nerve-groups housed within the upper neck. This nerve group serves as a relay center for informational signals coming from the inner ear, and going up or down towards the rest of the body. If these bundles of nerves are irritated, a person will commonly experience secondary conditions like dizziness, balance and vertigo. When clinically necessary, Balance Chiropractic refers and co-manages patients to the appropriate provider for complimentary vestibular, visual or proprioceptive treatments.

If your arms, fingers, legs, toes or face goes numb… you just might have a Foundational Shift in your spine. Often times, numbness and tingling (secondary conditions) are an indicator of poor blood and neurological flow to an area. Usually, the Foundation of one’s body will be originally shifted due to an injury long forgotten (car accident, sporting accident, slip and fall etc.), if not corrected, the Foundational Shift will generally become worse over time. It is no different than hitting a series of pot holes that misalign the wheels of your vehicle, if left uncorrected would you expect more or less vehicle problems over time?

Massages are fantastic, and if possible, we’d get one every day! However, when muscles are always tight for little or seemingly no reason, a foundational shift of utmost neck bones may be an underlying cause. When we look at the physiology of muscle function, there are only two actions: contraction and relaxation. A massage works by relaxing muscles using an OUTSIDE-IN approach… Massage Therapists or Traditional Chiropractors will stimulate tight muscles so eventually they relax. For short term relief this is great, however, for individuals with chronically tight muscles, we must consider an INSIDE-OUT approach. Q: All muscles are controlled by what? A: Nerves! Q: All nerves come from where? A: The spinal cord! Q: The signals that nerves use to control muscle function, come from where? A: THE BRAIN! At balance Chiropractic we focus on the spinal bones closest to the brain because, if those top spinal bones have shifted, abnormal signals may be sent to your muscles that never seem to relax!

Research shows that over 80% of people will experience significant back pain in their life time. For most, it is a short term incidence relieved by normal means, but for others it can last much longer and require a different approach. At Balance Chiropractic we generally do not accept patients for acute bouts of back pain. We focus on helping people that have usually exhausted many or all the usual back pain treatments. When medication, traditional chiropractic, physical therapy, injections and surgery have failed, the root cause of back pain may be a shift in your body’s foundation.

If you are experiencing one or more of these problems, don’t hesitate to call our office at (719) 265-0115 and set up a complimentary consultation With Balance Chiropractic in Colorado Springs. Contact us at Balance Chiropractic for practical advice from an experienced chiropractor Colorado Springs residents can depend on.

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