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Call to schedule your complimentary consultation today and find out if Balance Chiropractic is right for you It’s a conversation, NOT a commitment.

How To Work With Balance Chiropractic

We make it easy...

Step 1.

Schedule a complimentary consultation (this is a conversation, not a commitment). We will explain the functions and expectations of our office while taking time to learn the specifics of your case to determine if we are the best fit for you.

Step 2.

If one of our doctors suspect your condition may be a result of the primary condition (Foundational Shift) we focus on, you have the opportunity to proceed to the next step and schedule a Foundational Comprehensive Examination which includes…..

  • Multi-axial Foundational Analysis (MAFA – a bilateral weight measurement and full body structural analysis)
  • Digital Foundational Radiographs (NUCCA x-rays)
  • Neuro-Foundational Thermography (detects nerve irritation)
  • Myo-Foundational Scan (detects muscular imbalance)

Step 3.

Upon conclusion of the Comprehensive Foundational Examination, we will then schedule a Doctor-Patient Conference, where we will review your examination, explain what we’ve found, and go over our recommendations for your plan of care. We will follow up with information on how to protect the progress you’ve made in our office.