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Speaking Engagements

Community Educational Services

Dr. Max, Dr. Ernesto and Team Balance regularly volunteer their knowledge and time to speak at multiple businesses, churches, and non-profit organizations in the Colorado Springs area. lf you’d like to schedule a 20 – 40 minute engaging and informative talk for you and your group, fill out the contact form and a Balance Chiropractic team member will contact you within 72 hours.

Our most popular speaking topics include:

  • 10 Supplements to Super Charge Your Body
  • Bullet Proof Your ________ (Back, Shoulders, Hips)
  • Self Massage for Maximizing Your Self
  • 5 Things to Make You Feel 25 Again
  • Good Fats Bad Fats
  • Win Your Morning, Win Your Day
  • Strong(er) Sleep
  • Maximizing Your Memory

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